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The fjord-like landscapes of Chile’s western Patagonian coastline are ideal for small-ship cruising. It might seem surprising at first, but our route here passes close to the immense Brüggen Glacier, also known as the Pío XI Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the Southern Hemisphere excluding Antarctica.

In Valparaíso, a funicular railway ride is a wonderful way to take in the city and visit the former home of the Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda. Chiloé Island is famed for its UNESCO World Heritage churches and biodiverse National Park, while the granite peaks of Torres del Paine near Puerto Natales are home to llamas, pumas, and condors.

The Falkland Islands

Three hundred miles off the coast of South America, the Falkland Islands have an austere beauty which is appealingly combined with an uncanny sense of familiarity, especially in the capital of Port Stanley, where the red telephone box remains a resolute symbol of the island’s British influence and the pub sells local ale. The true stars of the island are arguably the penguins, however, with George Island offering a great chance to – hopefully – spot some of these wonderful birds.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Valdés Peninsula is a popular location for spotting whales and orcas, as well as penguins, sea lions and elephant seals, or for something more glamourous, the nation’s best-known seaside resort, Mar del Plata, is the perfect place to relax and take in the sun. At the other end of the country, on the archipelagos of Tierra del Fuego, which is shared by both Argentina and Chile, the ‘Train of the End of the World’ is the most southerly functioning railway on Earth.


The capital and largest city in Uruguay, Montevideo is renowned for its rich architectural diversity, which blends a colonial Spanish legacy with both Art Deco and more modern aesthetics. It has a dynamic cultural scene, especially in music, as the “second birthplace” of the tango alongside Buenos Aires in Argentina, and is also home to an electric carnival, which famously lasts for over forty days and is infused with the rhythms of candombe. This traditional Uruguayan folk music style was developed by the ancestors of freed African slaves. Just along the coast to the east, Punta del Este is a chic seaside city renowned for its stylish boutiques and glamorous lifestyle, as a playground for the rich and famous.


One of the most exciting countries in the world, Brazil’s party city of Rio de Janeiro is legendary for its carnival atmosphere and dazzling landmarks such as Sugarloaf Mountain, the Christ the Redeemer Statue and the Copacabana district.

Vitória, known as “Little Rio,” offers colonial-era sights and stunning beaches while the chic fishing village of Búzios was popularised by Brigitte Bardot. The German-influenced cities of Blumenau and Joinville offer a taste of Europe, or there’s the ‘gold rush’ city of Paranaguá built by 17th and 18th-century immigrants. Near Paranaguá is Ilha do Mel, known for its white sandy beaches, historic lighthouse, and fortress.

Brazil’s ‘Green Metropolis’ of Porto Alegre is famous for its Gaúcho culture, museums, parks, and gardens, while Ilha Grande is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a well-preserved Atlantic rainforest for scenic hiking and crystal-clear snorkelling from beautiful beaches.

The historic and cultural riches of Ilhéus, Salvador, Recife, Natal, Paraty, Santos and Fortaleza complete the coastal wonders of this diverse nation.

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