Health and Safety on Board

For us, the safety of the guests and crew on board our ships always comes first – especially in these current times. In 2020, we proved that our safety and hygiene practices work when we were the first cruise operator worldwide to get our ships going again in June. Our proven measures meet national and international health standards. We have summarised the key facts for you in our 10-point plan below.

This year, we are again pursuing our passion to offer you unforgettable holiday experiences, showing you the most beautiful spots on the river and along European coasts. Come on board!

Safety right from the start…

Even before the ship departs, your health is our priority: you’ll receive an infection protection questionnaire together with your travel documents, which you will need to complete, sign and bring with you on the day of embarkation. For your maximum protection, you will be tested for COVID-19 by medical personnel free of charge upon embarkation. Only passengers with a negative test result are allowed to set sail with us.

… and throughout the entire cruise

Two is better than one: in addition to checking the infection protection questionnaire and the negative test result, we also check your temperature every day on board using a contactless device – and we do this both for you and our crew members. This helps us ensure that everyone on board is as well protected as possible.

Well trained and well protected

You are in the best hands on board: the crew on board our ships is optimally prepared. The COVID-19 test taken when you embark on the ship is carried out by competent, medically trained staff. We also have an on-board doctor. All crew members have been fully trained in our additional hygiene and infection protection measures. Wearing FFP2 masks and undergoing continual health checks are common practice for the crew.

Comprehensive hygiene and disinfection: this goes without saying

Hygiene is always number one priority on all nicko cruises ships. We have expanded our existing hygiene measures. All surfaces on board that are touched on a regular basis are continually cleaned and disinfected – in both the public areas and the cabins. For this, we use highly effective cleaning products and surface disinfectants, which are also effective against viruses. We also provide additional disinfectant dispensers on all ships, so that you can disinfect your hands at all the key contact points.

Enjoy your trip whilst maintaining sufficient distance

We make sure that you can maintain sufficient distance so you can travel safely. On our small ships, you’ll travel with a manageable number of like-minded people.All procedures on board have been adapted so that the current distancing rules can be complied with. Anywhere where a minimum distance of 1.5 metres is not possible – for example in lifts, stairwells and on the jogging track – we ask all guests and crew members to protect each other by wearing an FFP2 mask.

Plenty of space in our bars and restaurants

We give you more space to enjoy yourselves: In all the restaurants and bars on board our ships, we have reduced the number of tables and seats and placed them with ample distance away from each other, which means you can continue to eat and drink without hesitation and while away your evening with a cocktail or two.

We serve you – even at the buffet

Culinary highlights are part and parcel of every cruise. Let us spoil you! On board our ships, we’ll serve you delicious dishes from our menu straight to your table. And at the buffet, our culinary delights are currently arranged on plates and served there too.

Safety first – on our shore excursions too

At nicko cruises, excursions are a key part of the cruise. So that you can also discover beautiful cultural experiences and explore nature without hesitation in these times too, our excursions will take place in small groups. With our comfortable Sennheiser audio system, you can still maintain a safe distance throughout the shore excursion. Effective protection is also ensured by FFP2 masks, which will be worn on the buses, which are also regularly disinfected.

Sport and spa – open for you

Whether you want to do some sport or you just want to relax: with us, you can feel completely at home, because our fitness and spa areas on board are open for you. By registering in advance, we can also guarantee sufficient space for you in the fitness area and spa.

Together: with each other and for each other

We have devised our 10-point plan to ensure your safety on board. So that you can enjoy your holiday safely and to the full, we ask that you take an active part in our safety and hygiene practices.

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