World Cruise 2023-2024

183 Days – Departing Lisbon 10 Oct 2023 – 08 Apr 2024

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stand at the rail of a ship, watching dolphins dive in and out of the water? Have you ever wished for a front-row seat as the sun descends slowly into the sea, bathing the water in glorious colours? Join us on our six-month circumnavigation of the globe and all the wonders of the world will be waiting for you, as we journey to an abundance of unforgettable destinations, including Marrakesh, the Namib Desert, the Taj Mahal, the Temple of Angkor Wat, Ayers Rock, Tasmania, Bora Bora, the Panama Canal and so much more. Beginning in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, cruise to the west coast of Africa, Madagascar, La Réunion and Mauritius, then onward to the pristine beaches of the Seychelles, the Maldives and the wonderful cultures of India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam. Experience the island state of the Philippines, visit the most ‘delicious’ mountains in the world on Bohol and discover why Bali is quite rightly known as ‘Island of the Gods’. In Indonesia meet giant lizards and in Australia encounter kangaroos, koalas and the colourful submarine world of the Great Barrier Reef. Realise your island dreams in the vast expanse of the South Pacific when we drop anchor in the waters of the Cook and the Society Islands. Sunbathe to your heart’s content en route to the Mexican Pacific Coast, Central and Southern America. Snorkel in turquoise waters and unwind on snow-white Caribbean beaches before heading home with a suitcase full of memories to last a lifetime. Around the world in 80 days? We’ll leave that up to Phileas Fogg! On this magnificent world cruise aboard Vasco da Gama you will have 183 days to experience the most beautiful and fascinating destinations on Earth.

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Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive Lisbon, Portugal

Fly from London to Lisbon. Board Vasco da Gama. In Lisbon, the famous monument Padrão des Descobrimentos reminds of adventurous seafarers like the namesake of our VASCO DA GAMA or Ferdinand Magellan. Explore the fascinating metropolis and enjoy the Portuguese way of life!

Day 2 – At Sea

Perfect time to enjoy your ship and relax before your first port of call.

Day 3 – Casablanca, Morocco

The lively metropolis attracts visitors from all over the world with its diversity. Experience Casablanca’s Arab-Muslim heritage with a visit to the imposing Hassan II Mosque, discover enchanting colonial buildings or stroll through the modern business district, one of the most important economic centres in Morocco.

Day 4 – Agadir, Morocco

Moroccan Agadir was founded in 1505 by sailors from Portugal. Agadir is also known as “the white city by the sea”. Today it is considered the most modern city in Morocco and is a popular holiday destination. The city is characterised by beautiful beaches and a waterfront promenade of the same kind. In the picturesque old town you feel like you are in a story from 1001 Nights.

Day 5-8 – At sea

Day 9 – Dakar, Senegal

Strolling through the historic old town of Dakar will amaze you: Magnificent buildings from the colonial era, lively markets, an imposing cathedral and an impressive mosque. The nature of Senegal also enchants guests from all over the world: In the Bandia nature reserve you can observe rhinos, giraffes and gazelles in the wild!

Day 10 – Banjul, Gambia

Even if Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, it shows the whole abundance of the exotic continent. In the capital Banjul there is a colourful market activity. Clothing, crafts and local delicacies are for sale – and bargaining is encouraged!

Day 11-14 – At sea

Day 15-16 – Jamestown, St. Helena

For six years Napoleon resided at Longwood House on the exile island of St. Helena, today it is the residence of the French consul on the island. You can also climb Jacob’s ladder and enjoy stunning views of the city, its surrounding countryside and the open sea.

Day 17-19 – At sea

Day 20-21 – Walvis Bay, Namibia

Namibia’s diverse wildlife awaits you in Walvis Bay. Watch whales from the boat and spot seals and flamingos on land. A special highlight is a visit to the famous Namib Desert, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.

Day 22 – Lüderitz, Namibia

Lüderitz is a former German colonial city. Worth seeing is the nearby ghost town of Kolmanskop, formerly a stronghold for fortune seekers in search of diamonds. Diamond mining stopped altogether in 1930 and the desert gradually reclaimed the place.

Day 23 – At sea

Day 24-26 – Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain rises majestically behind Cape Town and gives you a breathtaking view of the city. You can also observe penguins in the wild and visit the end of the world, the “Cape of Good Hope”.

Day 27-28 – Mossel Bay, South Africa

Spot the local wildlife in the water or on land, visit the beach and St Blaize Lighthouse. Mossel Bay is also the gateway to the famous Garden Route, which runs more or less along the southern coast of South Africa formed by the Indian Ocean and enchants with breathtaking landscapes.

Day 29-30 – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The town, formerly known as Gqeberha, convinces its visitors with the Whites Road Wall, the Donkin Reserve, colourful houses and wonderful beaches.

Day 31 – At sea

Day 32 – Richards Bay, South Africa

Get to know the wildlife of Africa and the culture of the Zulu tribe in Richards Bay. Gain an insight into the way of life and culture of this ethnic group in one of the traditional villages of the people.

Day 33-34 – Durban, South Africa

Visit the city centre with its botanical garden and the town hall. The beautiful metropolis on the Indian Ocean also attracts with the “Golden Mile”, a 6-kilometer-long sandy beach, animal enthusiasts are drawn to the Tala Nature Reserve with 380 species of birds, including the ostrich.

Day 35 – 36 – At sea

Day 37 – Port d’Ehoala (Tôlanaro), Madagascar

Explore the town of Tôlanaro, also known as Fort-Dauphin, or go in search of the renowned Madagascan little lemurs.

Day 38 – At sea

Day 39 – Le Port, Reunion Island

The port city of Le Port is a French commune within the island of Reunion. Explore the underwater world, watch whales and be enchanted by the Creole way of life.

Day 40 – Port Louis, Mauritius

Marvel at the French colonial architecture, stroll through the harbour with its market or experience the culture of Mauritius. The city’s temples, museums and China Town are also worth a visit.

Day 41 – At sea

Day 42 –Nosy Boraha (Île Sainte-Marie), Madagascar

Day 43 – At sea

Day 44 –Mamoudzou (Mayotte), Indian Ocean

Enjoy the Creole atmosphere and beautiful nature. Visit the 140 km long coral reef in front of Mamoudzou, the largest enclosed lagoon in the world.

Day 45 – 46 – At sea

Day 47 – Victoria (Mahe), Seychelles

The colourful town of Victoria in the Seychelles invites you to discover a beautiful city with a Hindu temple, clock tower and beautiful cathedral. Plenty of natural magic awaits you on the largest island in the Seychelles.

Day 48 – La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue is one of the most incredible islands in the Seychelles and is home to one of the world’s best beaches,  Anse Source d’Argent. At only 3 miles long and 2 miles wide, there’s no airport, so this is your chance to go off the beaten track.

Day 49 – Praslin, Seychelles

On the island of Praslin you can admire the famous, endemic palm trees “Coco de Mer”. Enjoy Creole food and discover the animals and beaches of the beautiful island.

Day 50 – 52 – At sea

Day 51 – Crossing the Equator

Day 53-54 – Male, Maldives

Male itself is a large and densely packed city, but it’s full of charm and history. Arguably, most people visit the Maldives to experience pristine beaches and incredible marine life. it’s not uncommon to come across Reef Sharks when snorkelling and Whale Sharks when diving.

Day 55 – At sea

Day 56 – 57 – Marmagao, Goa

An Indian island experience awaits in Goa. Colourful cities with UNESCO World Heritage sites, history, local cuisine and spices make this place special. You will come across traces left by the namesake of our ship, the Portuguese seafarer Vasco da Gama!

Day 58 – At sea

Day 59 – 60 – Kochi, India

Chinese fishing nets adorn the waterfront of Kochi, the Indo-Portuguese Museum and the Santa Cruz Cathedral reflect the most diverse influences. Above all, the spices should be tasted in the city known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”.

Day 61 – At sea

Day 62 – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Discover Colombo in a Tuk Tuk and enjoy some Ceylon tea, the former namesake of the island, and of course coffee. Imposing temples and picturesque colonial buildings are characteristic of the city.

Day 63 – At sea

Day 64 – Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee welcomes you with golden beaches, distinctive marine life and whale watching. Majestic, colourful temples and the Pigeon Island National Park also provide unforgettable memories.

Day 65 – 66 – At sea

Day 67 – Sabang (Pulau Weh), Indonesia

Switching off is easy in Sabang. Fantastic beaches, diving areas and hiking routes invite you to discover and get to know the natural world of Indonesia.

Day 68 – Phuket, Thailand

The largest island in Thailand captivates visitors with Chinese shrines and restaurants, breathtaking natural landscapes and bustling markets. Another highlight is the “Big Buddha”, a 45 meter high marble statue, picturesquely situated on a hill, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view over Chalong Bay.

Day 69 – Langkawi, Malaysia

The “Jewel of Kedah” invites you on an adventure with turquoise waters, thundering waterfalls and valleys where mangrove forests and their wild inhabitants await you. The whole thing can also be viewed from a lofty height – from the Sybridge – with stunning views.

Day 70 – Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia

From Port Kelang we head to Kuala Lumpur, the diverse metropolis and capital of Indonesia. The Petronas Towers stand out from the other skyscrapers and colonial architecture and the markets bring the city to life.

Day 71 – 72 – Singapore, Asia

Look forward to the most beautiful skyline in Asia – Singapore. Visit the “City of Lions” and discover, for example, the “Gardens by the Bay”, the “Marina Bay Sands” with its spectacular light show or immerse yourself in the city-state’s diverse cuisine – either in the restaurants or more authentically on the countless markets.

Day 73 – At sea

Day 74 – 75 – Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand

This is where old meets new! Bangkok enchants with imposing temples, palaces, modern skyscrapers and Tuk Tuks on the lively streets. The night markets also make the city special. Enjoy the city of contrasts.

Day 76 – Ko Kood (Ko Kut), Thailand

Ko Kut enchants with its fantastic nature and invites you to get to know Thailand’s quiet side. Relax on snow-white beaches, enjoy the crystal-clear water and hike through green island landscapes.

Day 77 – Sihanoukville (Kâmpóng Saôm), Cambodia

Relaxation and culture make Sihanoukville what it is. Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and the temples of Angkor can be visited from here and beautiful beaches await you.

Day 78 – At sea

Day 79 – 80 – Vung Tau (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

Dazzling, colourful and vibrant – all these adjectives describe Ho Chi Minh City perfectly. Here, majestic buildings, traditional floating markets and local culture enchant. The city is also the perfect starting point for visiting the Mekong Delta.

Day 81 – Nah Trang, Vietnam

Impressive buildings, nature and wildlife of Vietnam await visitors in the port city known as the “Pearl of the Far East”. You can also spend time on the beaches of Nha Trang.

Day 82 – At sea

Day 83 – 84 – Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

In Ha Long Bay, the rocks rise majestically from the water and offer a breathtaking view. Take the opportunity to visit Hanoi, where you can discover monuments, markets and the unique Train Street.

Day 85 – At sea

Day 86 – 87 – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong captivates with its spectacular skyline, international and local cuisine, temples and a breathtaking view from Victoria Peak or Kowloon Peak.

Day 88 – At sea

Day 89 – Manila, Philippines

The “Pearl of the Orient” offers a wide variety of experiences. Visit China Town in the Binondo district and discover the history of the walled city buildings, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church or enjoy a walk along the port of the city: Manila is a truly fascinating place to visit!

Day 90 – Coron (Palawan), Philippines

Coron is a captivating place with beautiful lagoons allowing the opportunity to dive into old shipwrecks. For those preferring more relaxed activities can paddle through the mangroves in a kayak.

Day 91 – Puerto Princesa, Philippines

In Puerto Princesa, the jungle is very close. Immerse yourself in the national park, discover the underground river or be enchanted by the glowworms that light up the jungle in the evening hours.

Day 92 – At sea

Day 93 – Tagbilaran City (Bohol), Philippines

In Tagbilaran, the beaches, the jungle and the buildings of the old town are worth seeing. From there you can also get to the famous Bohol Chocolate Mountains.

Day 94 – 95 – At sea

Day 96 – 97 – Benoa (Denpasar), Bali

Beautiful dream beaches, spectacular buildings such as the Gate of Heaven or the Besakih Temple and the diverse animal world are all to be explored in Bali.

Day 98 – Slawi Bay (Komodo Island), Indonesia

In the Komodo National Park or at “Pink Beach” there is a breathtaking natural and animal world to discover. Keep an eye out for the Komodo dragon, which is named after the island – it should be easy to spot as it can grow up to 3 meters!

Day 99 – Kupang (West Timor), Indonesia

The capital Kupang on the island of Timor gives a glimpse of Indonesian city life. Nature also fascinates its visitors with great beaches, waterfalls, jungle landscapes and the well-known “Crystal Caves”.

Day 100 – At sea

Day 101 – Darwin, Australia

Darwin offers a variety of options – be it discovering Australia’s wildlife, boat tours or a rich selection of museums. The Darwin Shipyard district awaits you with an abundance of restaurants and unique swimming opportunities.

Day 102 – 103 – At sea


Day 104 – Cooktown, Australia

Hiking routes through Australia’s nature, beautiful beaches, a spacious waterfront and museums dedicated to James Cook are worth a visit in Cooktown.


Day 105 – 106 – Cairns, Australia

The world-famous Great Barrier Reef makes the diver’s heart beat faster. In addition, there is the opportunity to get to know the life of the original inhabitants, the Aborigines, during a visit to the Tjapukai Cultural Park.

Day 107 – Townsville, Australia

Discover the World Heritage National Park Townsville or explore the lively city with its historical sights.

Day 108 – At sea


Day 109 – Brisbane, Australia

Experience the vibrant metropolis of Brisbane. Floating walkways, street art, markets and al fresco dining, but also waterfalls with swimming opportunities and the Koala Sanctuary await you.


Day 110 – At sea

Day 111 – Sydney, Australia

The unique skyline with the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are at the heart of Sydney. In addition to modern urban culture, the history of the Aborigines can also be experienced. Beach lovers will have a day to remember at Bondi Beach.


Day 112 – Eden, Australia

Eden is all about whales. Observe the majestic animals from vantage points, take a boat tour or explore the history of whaling in a museum.


Day 113 – At sea


Day 114 – Melbourne, Australia

In addition to 40,000 years of Aboriginal history, Melbourne offers many cultural assets such as the Royal Exhibition Building, the famous Cricket ground and the National Gallery. Art is also presented in a variety of ways: be it with live music, street art or theatrical culture.


Day 115 – Burnie, Tasmania

The port town, formerly Emu Bay, allows you to get up close and personal with the world’s smallest penguins. Beautiful gardens, parks and waterfalls also await you.


Day 116 – 117 – Hobart, Tasmania

Be enchanted by downtown Hobart with great markets and the waterfront. Perhaps you will discover the “Tasmanian Devil” in the vicinity of the Tasmanian capital or simply enjoy the spectacular nature.


Day 118 – 121 – At sea

Days 120 & 121 cruising the fjords of New Zealand


Day 122 – Stewart Island, New Zealand

With a bit of luck, the “land of the glowing sky” offers a view of the southern lights and awaits visitors with a magical national park, where you will find the national bird, the kiwi.


Day 123 – Port Chalmers (South Island), New Zealand

The picturesque harbour town is ideal for a relaxing day visiting cafés, browsing galleries and the various shops. Alternatively, you can take a trip to Dunedin, a mecca of Victorian history and architecture.


Day 124 – Timaru (South Island), New Zealand

Discover Te Ana Māori rock art, botanical gardens, a bird park and museums in Timaru. Carolin Bay offers a chance to relax and swim.


Day 125 – Lyttelton (Christchurch), New Zealand

From Lyttelton we head to the “City of Gardens” Christchurch. As the name suggests, enchanting gardens and parks await along with trips on the Avon, street markets and nature reserves.

Day 126 – Wellington, New Zealand

Known for unique restaurants and bars, Wellington also offers cable car, Wētā Workshop for “Lord of the Rings” fans, nature reserves and Mount Victoria.


Day 127 – Napier (North Island), New Zealand

Unique vintage flair with art deco houses, classic cars and clothing from the 1930s lets you travel back in time. The Mata Mountain and Napier’s wineries can also be explored.


Day 128 – At sea

Cruising off White Island


Day 129 – Tauranga (Rotorua), New Zealand

Countless coastal experiences such as sailing tours and dolphin watching, breathtaking nature, the famous ‘hobbit caves’ and the art and restaurant scene make Tauranga an incredibly diverse destination.


Day 130 – Waitangi (Bay of Islands), New Zealand

The Bay of Islands is a true natural paradise in New Zealand. Kayaking, hiking to breathtaking viewpoints and oyster tours are possible activities in the “winterless north”.


Day 131 – 132 – Auckland, New Zealand

Immerse yourself in the lively metropolis. Visit the Sky Tower, War Memorial Museum, Auckland Domain, One Tree Hill and spend time at the historic harbour.


Day 133 – 136 – At sea


Day 137 – Avatiu (Rarotonga), Cook Islands

Unique coral reefs, exotic fruits and other delights await you on the largest of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga. Of course there are also fantastic beaches with coconut palms or you can go on an adventurous hike in the jungle.

Day 138 – Aruntanga (Aitutaki), Cook Islands

Relaxation on white beaches and enchanting lagoons is the order of the day on Aitutaki. Diving and snorkelling fans will also get their money’s worth here.


Day 139 – At sea


Day 140 – Vaitape, Bora Bora

Overlooked by the 727 meter high volcano Mount Otemanu, this dream island captivates with beautiful lagoons, coral reefs, snow-white beaches and a decelerating natural world.


Day 141 – Bahia d’Opunoha (Moorea), French Polynesia

The sister island of Tahiti enchants with its majestic volcanic landscape and invites you to experience the culture of Polynesia in the Tiki Village. Relaxation and tranquility is guaranteed on the dream beaches.


Day 142 – Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia

The capital of French Polynesia is located on Tahiti with places to visit such as its popular city market, historical buildings, various museums about Tahitian art along with extensive parks and the harbour.


Day 143 – Tiputa (Rangiroa), French Polynesia

The largest atoll in the Tuamoto Archipelago awaits you with many activities in the Lagoon Bleu. Immerse yourself in the magical underwater world, explore the blooming flora and taste the local delicacies.


Day 144 – At sea


Day 145 – Atouna (Marquesas Islands), French Polynesia

The dream island of Marquesas has already won over European celebrities such as Paul Gauguin and Jaques Brel. Get involved in the breathtaking forces of nature and dreamlike coasts in Atouna.


Day 146 – 151 – At sea

Day 148 – Crossing the Equator

Day 152 – 153 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The port of Puerto Vallarta already amazes every visitor. In addition to the promenade, dream beaches, botanical gardens, Cuale River Island and historical and modern buildings, the city also impresses with its amazing food culture.


Day 154 – At sea


Day 155 – Zihuatanejo, Mexico

The former fishing village enchants its visitors with beautiful, snow-white beaches and invites them to slow down and relax.


Day 156 – At sea


Day 157 – Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Puerto Quetzal invites you to explore the city, the Pacaya volcano and the flora and fauna on a safari or by boat. Walk in the footsteps of the Maya on a trip to the ruins of Tikal.


Day 158 – Acajutla, El Salvador

El Salvador still reamins pretty much off the tourist route – Majestic waterfalls, spectacular volcanic landscape and the Cathedral de Sonsonate immediately captivate the visitor. If you like history, visit the Mayan sites of Tazumal. And for the grand finale, a coffee made from local Arabica beans is a must.


Day 159 – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain in San Juan del Sur and be enchanted by the beautiful waterfront promenade, the imposing Cristo da la Misericordia statue and the unique panorama of this picturesque town on the Nicaraguan coast!


Day 160 – Punta Arenas, Costa Rica

The “Pearl of the Pacific” Punta Arenas enchants with activities in the city and natural gems such as the cloud forest of Montverde, dream beaches, the river Tárcoles and nature parks with adventures around the renowned flora and fauna of Costa Rica.


Day 161 – At sea


Day 162 – Colón, Panama

Catch a glimpse of the panorama of the city from the ship, as you transit the Panama Canal.


Day 163 – Cartagena, Columbia

On the coast of the Caribbean Sea lies the prettiest colonial city in Colombia, some even say in the whole of South America. Cartagena has an abundance of small, colourful houses, on whose balconies you can marvel at fragrant bougainvillea and beautifully blooming hibiscus. In between rises the imposing Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Day 164 – At sea


Day 165 – Oranjestad, Aruba

Aruba impresses with a species-rich underwater world. The capital Oranjestad also impresses with colourful colonial houses, the transport ‘trolley’ and a wide range of activities related to shopping, art and culture.


Day 166 – Willemstad, Curaçao

The capital of Curaçao awaits you with European flair – colourful gabled houses decorate the harbour. In addition, exotic beaches, nature and wild animals make Willemstad what it is.


Day 167 – At sea


Day 168 – St George, Grenada

In St. George, discover enchanting historic buildings such as Windsor Castle and stroll through the pretty port town. In addition, beautiful beach experiences and fantastic vantage points await you in the capital of Grenada.


Day 169 – Bridgetown, Barbados

Colonial architecture, historical monuments, Fort Savannah, culture, local gastronomy, beautiful beaches and art make the capital of Barbados special.


Day 170 – 173 – At sea


Day 174 – 175 – Mindelo, Cape Verde

Stroll through the picturesque port city of Mindelo and visit the small shops, the quaint fish market, charming cafés and unique museums. The magnificent district of Praça Nova with its pastel-coloured stucco villas and the beautiful city park invite you to relax in Cape Verde.


Day 176 – 177 – At sea


Day 178 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Santa Cruz de Tenerife enchants with picturesque Art Nouveau architecture, colourful carnival events and the outstanding architecture of the Auditorio de Tenerife “Adán Martín”. You can also explore the breathtaking national park around the highest mountain in Spain, the Teide, as well as the enchanting town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna!


Day 179 – 180 – Funchal, Madeira

Exotic fruits and colourful flowers welcome you to Madeira! The imposing Sé Cathedral, culinary delights in the enchanting market hall, fantastic views and the exotic variety of plants in the Jardim Botânico ensure that you will have an unforgettable visit to the island’s capital, Funchal.


Day 181 – At sea


Day 182 – Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, the famous monument Padrão des Descobrimentos reminds of adventurous seafarers like the namesake of our VASCO DA GAMA or Ferdinand Magellan. Explore the fascinating metropolis and enjoy the Portuguese way of life!


Day 183 – Lisbon, Portugal

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  • The architectural and cultural wonders of Valencia
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  • Walking in the footsteps of the Gods – the ancient ruins of Sicil

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