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109-Days | Singapore • Cairns • Papeete • Valparaíso • Montevideo • Rio • Tenerife

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World Cruise 109-Days – Cruise Summary

Sail around the world – with a cruise on the VASCO DA GAMA

Do you have a list of travel destinations you would like to visit at least once in your lifetime? Have you ever considered the benefits of slow-cruising to the most magical and unforgettable destinations in the world without needing to move hotels, or ever change your accommodation?

Join us on our five-month Grand World Cruise for a once in a lifetime chance to see some of the greatest wonders of the world across a host of unforgettable destinations, including the rose-red city of Petra, the Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, the giant-headed Moai statues of Easter Island, Christ the Redeemer in Rio and much, much more.

Set sail from the Greek city of Heraklion on the north coast of Crete, for an unforgettable cruise to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, then onwards to Oman and Dubai.

Delve into the incredible cultures of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore, where our shorter but no less spectacular second option for this World Cruise begins.

Discover Papua New Guinea and the Australian city of Cairns. Enter the vast expanse of the South Pacific and drop anchor in the glorious waters of the Fiji and Cook Islands, Bora Bora and Papeete in Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia.

Cruise to the bountiful Pitcairn and Easter Islands, followed by the Chilean port of Valparaíso. Circumnavigate Patagonia to Montevideo in Uruguay, then sunbathe or snorkel in the turquoise waters of Brazil, before making your way across the Atlantic to the Cape Verde Islands and Tenerife, from where you will head home with a suitcase full of memories to last a lifetime.

Whether you choose 148 days or 109 days, these two magnificent world cruises aboard Vasco da Gama offer some of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations on Earth.

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  • Discover the beauty of the South Seas not only above water, but also underwater when swimming, snorkelling and diving.
  • On Easter Island you have enough time to look at the Moai so closely that you will eventually be able to see the differences between the individual stone statues.
  • You pass the Strait of Magellan and become part of the centuries-old seafaring history of South America.
  • In Rio de Janeiro you will visit the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Christ Statue and the Copacabana

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1-2 – Singapore

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time 12:00
Look forward to what is probably the most beautiful skyline in Asia – Singapore. Visit the “City of Lions” and discover, for example, the “Gardens by the Bay”, the “Marina Bay Sands” with its spectacular light show or immerse yourself in the diverse cuisine of the city state – either in the restaurants or more authentically on the countless markets.



Day 3 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.





Day 4 – Semarang (Borobudur), Java, Indonesia

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
Semarang on the north coast of Java impresses with its Dutch colonial-style old town, which is waiting to be discovered by you. An absolute highlight is a visit to the Borobudur temple complex, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. Or you can take a trip to the active Merapi volcano.



Day 5-6 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.





Day 7 – Muara (Bandar Seri Begawan), Brunei

Berthing time: 12:00 Departure time: 22:00
Fantastic beaches and dense mangrove forests can be found in Muara. Take the opportunity and treat yourself to a relaxing boat trip between the pile dwellings. For something more lively and pompous, take the opportunity to explore the feudal capital of Bandar Seri Begawan. The Sultan’s Palace is the largest palace in the world with over 1,800 rooms on almost 200,000 m². You can also look forward to the many magnificent buildings and ornate mosques.


Day 8 – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 17:00
In Kota Kinabalu, discover impressive mosques, relax by the turquoise sea and enjoy breathtaking views from the Signal Hill observation deck. A trip around Mount Kinabalu takes you into the jungle with lush vegetation and biodiversity. Train lovers will also get their money’s worth – look forward to a trip on the North Borneo Railway. Featuring a British Vulcan steam locomotive designed to burn wood, the North Borneo Railway is undoubtedly unique. Board a train from the bygone colonial era and enjoy a ride through the Sabah countryside.


Day 9 – Sandakan, Sabah

Berthing time: 10:00 Departure time: 19:00
Sandakan is the ideal starting point for numerous rural adventures. Explore the jungle with its remarkable wildlife and don’t forget to count how many orangutans and proboscis monkeys you will meet today. If you’re more interested in sea creatures, you should visit Turtle Island National Park: Here you can swim with giant turtles.



Day 10 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.




Day 11 – Ternate, Indonesia

Berthing time: 12:00 Departure time: 22:00
Ternate already impresses with a spectacular approach to the harbor on the twin volcanoes Ternate and Tidore, but it has so much more to offer. Are you looking forward to THE spice island par excellence, maybe later you want to impress your friends at home and take an Indonesian cooking class? If your focus is more on relaxation, you will experience dream beaches, a snorkeling paradise and picturesque nature all at the same time. Hike along spectacular crater lakes or travel back in time with a tour of colonial-era fortifications.


Day 12 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.





Day 13 – Banda Neira, Indonesia

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 16:00
Green, lush mountains rising from the sapphire blue waters will amaze you as you enter Banda Neira. Discover the island and its impressive underwater world on a boat trip with numerous snorkeling stops. Fort Belgica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recalls the glory days of the spice trade, particularly nutmeg and mace.



Day 14-15 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.



Day 16-17 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Berthing time: 16:00 – Departure time: 20:00
Port Moresby, with its numerous bars and cafés, lures you ashore for an evening stroll through the city. Or you can enjoy a spectacular overland tour. By plane we go to Mount Hagen (Kagamuga). Discover birds of paradise but the real highlight are the so-called “Mud Men”, who will delight you with dances and adventurous masks. In Port Moresby, the National Museum is worth a visit or you can admire unique bird species such as the Raggi bird of paradise in the Port Moresby Nature Park. Alternatively, you can enjoy a relaxing trip on the traditional long boats.


Day 18 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 19 – Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
The world-famous Great Barrier Reef makes divers’ hearts beat faster. There is also the opportunity to get to know the life of the indigenous people intensively during a visit to the Tjapukai Cultural Park.

Day 20-22 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 23 – Noumea, Grande Terre

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 21:00
Discover the Saint Tropez of the Pacific. Whether you stroll along the beach promenade with its beautiful colonial buildings, relax at Lemon Bay or discover the underwater world while snorkeling in the lagoon – this beautiful place will captivate you.

Day 24 – Kuto, Île des Pins, New Caledonia – Tender Port

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 17:00
“The island that comes closest to paradise” – this is how the French describe Île des Pins. Located halfway between Australia and Fiji in the South Pacific, you have the opportunity to experience the magic of the South Seas. We are sure that the untouched palm beaches, the delicate blue sea and the pristine beauty of the landscape will delight you too!

Day 25 – Anelghowat, Anaton (Mystery Island)

Berthing time: 07:30 Departure time: 14:00
Christmas in paradise – that’s exactly what awaits you when you visit Mystery Island today. The underwater world of coral reefs is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, you can walk around the entire island, stroll through the market and finally treat yourself to a drink on the beach.

Day 26 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 27 – Suva, Fiji

Berthing time: 12:00 Departure time: 20:00
From the jungle waterfalls to the lively historic city centre, Suva has a lot to offer. The city has a lot to offer for both nature and culture lovers. You will be particularly amazed by the famous fire walkers of Beqa.

Day 28 – Savusavu, Fiji

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 17:00
Away from mass tourism, Savusavu impresses with an untouched beauty that is rarely found today. In addition to many bathing opportunities, the natural hot springs are also worth a visit, where the locals braise typical local dishes for hours.

Day 29 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 30 – Apia, Upolo

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 18:00

Passage of the International Date Line.

Pago Pago, Tutuila

Berthing time: 22:00


Day 31 – Pago Pago, Tutuila

Departure time: 13:00
Around Pago Pago, the traditional Samoan way of life is kept alive by the locals. For an authentic impression, you shouldn’t miss the typical local cuisine.

Day 32 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 33 – Arutanga/Aitutaki/Cook Islands – Tender Port

Berthing time: 11:00 Departure time: 19:00
On Aitutaki, relaxation on white beaches and enchanting lagoons is on the agenda. Diving and snorkelling fans also get their money’s worth here.

Day 34 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 35 – Vaitape, Bora Bora – Tender Port 

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 20:00
Welcomed by the 727 meter high volcano Mount Otemanu, the dream island captivates with beautiful lagoons, coral reefs, snow-white beaches and a decelerating natural world.

Day 36 – Papeete, Tahiti

Berthing time: 08:00
The capital of French Polynesia is located in Tahiti and impresses with its popular city market, historical buildings, various museums about Tahitian art as well as extensive parks and the harbour.

Day 37 – Papeete, Tahiti

Departure time: 04:00

Cook’s Bay, Moorea

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 20:00

Day 38-39 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 40 – Gambier, French Polynesia – Tender Port

Berthing time: 09:00 Departure time: 16:30
The municipality of Gambier, consisting of five islands and several uninhabited islets, offers a unique setting. Relax on beautiful sandy beaches between lagoons and extinct volcanoes.

Day 41 – Adamstown – Tender Port

Berthing time: 13:30 – Departure time: 17:30
Remote Adamstown exudes a lonely beauty. In addition to a visit to the island museum, which tells the story of the Bounty mutineers and the founders of the town, it is also worth exploring the island. Not far from the settlement you can enjoy a wonderful view of Bounty Bay surrounded by unique flora and fauna.

Day 42 – Ducie Atoll – Tender Port

Berthing time: 13:30 – Departure time: 19:00
Being completely alone, just the sound of the waves and sand under your feet – you will experience this feeling on Ducie Atoll, because Ducie is not only the southernmost atoll in the world, but also uninhabited. There is no better place to switch off and relax.

Day 43-44 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 45-46 – Hanga Roa, Easter Island – Tender Port

Berthing time: 07:00 – Departure time: 18:00
Almost everyone knows about Easter Island’s famous stone statues, but few experience the impressive monuments up close. In Hanga Roa you have the opportunity to visit the countless Moai on the island. In addition to the finished Moai, of which there are about 800 today, you should definitely visit the Rano Raraku, also called the “birthplace of the Moai”. There are still almost 400 more or less finished Moai on its slopes today. After an exciting exploration of Easter Island, you have the opportunity to relax by the sea. The beaches on the island are not numerous, but they are even more beautiful. Alternatively, you can visit Ahu Tongariki Bay, home to the largest Polynesian ceremonial site.

Day 47-50 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 51 – San Juan Bautista – Tender Port

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 18:00
The small town of San Juan Bautista is located on an island that served as a model for the world-famous story of Robinson Crusoe. The Archipelago Juan Fernandez National Park, to which the island also belongs, invites all enthusiastic hikers and explorers to linger.

Day 52 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 53-54 – Valparaíso, Chile

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 13:00
Colourful buildings, steep hills and fantastic views make up the charm of this important port city.

Day 55 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 56 – Puerto Montt, Chile

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
Archaeologists believe that the beautiful bay of Puerto Montt is one of the oldest settlements on the American continent. No wonder there is a special atmosphere here! Puerto Varas, the city of roses, combines impressive nature with Chilean-German history.

Day 57 – Castro, Isla Chiloe – Tender Port

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
UNESCO has declared the churches of Chiloé a World Heritage Site. Find out why when you visit! In the Chiloé National Park you can once again experience Chile’s biodiversity up close.

Day 58-59 – Messier Channel/English Narrows

Day 60 – Pio Xi Glacier

Day 61 – Puerto Natales, Chile

Berthing time: 14:00 –  Departure time: 22:00
You can experience natural highlights of flora, fauna and rock in the Torres del Paine National Park, including a spectacular granite rock formation. The Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers as well as the impressive Gray Glacier with its three-part glacier tongue are not far from the city. You can visit these too.

Day 62 – Torres del Paine / Balmaceda National Park

Passage of the Chilean Fjords

Day 63 – Punta Arenas, Chile

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
In Punta Arenas you will experience the extreme south of Chile. Although the city is located at the end of the world, its location in the immediate vicinity of the Strait of Magellan, one of the most important waterways for shipping, means you can experience a lively culture in the port city. People from all over the world live here!

Day 64 – Aguila & Condor Glaciers

Day 65-66 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Berthing time: 15:00 – Departure time: 13:00
“Tierra del Fuego”, in German “Land of Tierra del Fuego”, is the name of the archipelago at the southern tip of South America. Ferdinand Magellan called it that when he discovered many fires from his ship at night in 1520, but saw no settlements during the day. Today Ushuaia is the southernmost national park in the world with impressive sub-polar wildlife.

Day 67 – Passage of the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn

Day 68 – George Island – Tender Port

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 18:00
On George Island, commonly known as the “Gateway to Antarctica,” you’ll experience the stark beauty of the polar region alongside penguins and fur seals.

Day 69 – Port Stanley, Falkland Islands – Tender Port 

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 18:00
More than 700 islands on more than 12,000 square meters – that’s what is commonly referred to as the Falkland Islands. These numbers are impressive, but even more impressive is the unusual wildlife. The white sandy beach of Volunteer Point gives a glimpse of this, as it is home to more than 1,000 adult king penguins and the nesting site for hundreds of chicks. Gentoo penguins and Magellanic penguins are also at home here. In Port Stanley it becomes very British when you stroll past red telephone booths or enjoy afternoon tea in a café.

Day 70 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 71 – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Berthing time: 12:00 Departure time: 22:00
Behind Puerto Madryn lies the hilly landscape of the Patagonian Meseta with its steppe-like bush landscape. The Peninsula Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers protection and habitat for sea lions, elephant seals and many other wild animals. The Punta Tombo Wildlife Sanctuary is the world’s largest breeding site for Magellanic penguins. But adventurous expedition lovers are also in the right place here: you can explore the underwater world while snorkeling with sea lions or paddle along the coast in a kayak.

Day 72 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 73 – Mar del Plata, Argentina

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 18:00
Swim in the Silver Sea? You can do this in Argentina’s largest and most famous seaside resort. The water of the Argentine seaside resort looks as if it were shining. You can get to know the flora, fauna and culture of the region in the zoo, museum or cultural centre.

Day 74-76 – Montevideo, Uruguay

Berthing time: 10:00 – Departure time: 18:00
The fact that Uruguay is also referred to as the “Switzerland of South America” has less to do with its geography and more to do with its density of millionaires. Stroll through the old town, admire the monuments and mausoleums in the Plaza Independencia, buy fruit and vegetables in the Mercado Agricola or buy fresh seafood in the Mercado del Puerto – Montevideo makes it easy to feel good.

Day 77 – Punta del Este – Tender Port

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 14:00
The South American Riviera is as beautiful as the name suggests. Punta del Este enchants with white sandy beaches, azure waters and beautiful resorts. Just behind it grow pine forests, mimosa and eucalyptus trees. But the city itself with its Ralli Museum of contemporary art, the Temple of San Antonio and the Faro de Punta del Este lighthouse is also worth seeing.

Day 78 – Porto Alegre, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 20:00
Also known as “the green metropolis” because of its many parks and gardens, Porto Alegre also appeals with its neoclassical buildings and numerous museums. The city is also known for the Gaúcho culture. You should not miss a visit to one of the numerous Centros de Tradicao Gaúcha, where traditional music and dances are presented.

Day 79 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.

Day 80 – Itajai, Brazil

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 22:00
One of the oldest and therefore most impressive cities in Brazil. In Blumenau and Joinville you follow in the footsteps of German immigrants who sought (and found) their fortune here many decades ago.

Day 81-82 – Paranagua, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 18:00
Paranaguá was founded back in the 17th century when rumours of gold began to emerge in the region. The well-preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries in the historic centre of the city still bear witness to the many fortune seekers who then emigrated to Paranaguá. Visit the bustling market hall and the former Jesuit school opposite, which now houses the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology.

Day 83 – Santos, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 18:00
You can enjoy the best panorama over Santos on the Monte Serrat mountain, which you have previously climbed either via 415 steps or with the help of the funicular. In addition to the great views, the city also impresses you with the city aquarium, which is famous throughout Brazil.

Day 84-85 – Abraao, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 20:00
We plunge headfirst into an unforgettable adventure on Ilha Grande. The former pirate and prison island has an eventful past behind it. Nowadays, however, it attracts less feared pirates and more welcome seafarers. 22 official and almost 100 unofficial dream beaches are 122 good reasons for this. The Praia de Lopes Mendes is particularly beautiful, where you should not only lie on the beach, but also go on a hike to explore the surrounding nature of the jungle, which is difficult to access.

Day 86-87 – Paraty, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 20:00
The colonial Centro Histórico is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth a visit. Beautiful schooner trips invite you to swim and snorkel – if you prefer to go on foot, you can alternatively discover the rainforest on a hike on the Golden Trail. The Gold Trail once connected Paraty with Diamantina and would not be called that if everything here didn’t revolve around the valuable rock.

Day 88-90 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 02:00
In addition to the carnival, Rio de Janeiro has a lot in store for you. Whether Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ Statue or Copacabana, everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth here!

Buzios, Brazil

Berthing time: 09:00 Departure time: 18:00

Armação dos Búzios (or Búzios) is a Brazilian resort set on an ocean peninsula east of Rio de Janeiro. It’s known as an upscale vacation destination with numerous beaches. These include Ferradura, on a calm horseshoe bay with water sports, and Geribá, a popular surfing site.

Day 91 – Vitoria, Brazil

Berthing time: 09:00 Departure time: 20:00
The “little Rio de Janeiro” is divided into an upper and lower town, which are connected by numerous stairs. The upper town is particularly interesting with its historic city centre, green spaces and colonial relics. If you prefer to relax on the beach, you should pay a visit to the Lower Town.

Day 92 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 93 – Ilheus, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 Departure time: 18:00
It’s high time you got to know the everyday life of Brazilians. You have plenty of opportunity to do this in the historic city center of Ilhéus with its cathedral.

Day 94-95 – Salvador of Bahia, Brazil

Berthing time: 08:00 – Departure time: 18:00
The Brazilian martial art Capoeira comes from Salvador de Bahia and is still taught and practiced here today – including outdoors. Participation is allowed! The Elevador Lacerda observation tower, the cocoa museum and the pretty churches, together with the impressive architecture of the historic center, make up the charm of the country’s third largest city.

Day 96 – Recife, Brazil

Berthing time: 3:00 p.m Departure time: 21:00
Off the coast of Recife, also called the “Brazilian Venice”, it is worth taking a look under the water. The city is named after its breathtaking reef of shells and corals, which is exposed at low tide. There is also a lot to discover on land. Recife offers a lot of variety simply because of its division into mainland, peninsula and island. Added to this are the impressive colonial houses from the times of sugar cane cultivation, which create a very special atmosphere in the middle of the metropolis.

Day 97 – Natal, Brazil

Berthing time: 07:00 Departure time: 17:00
As the “City of the Sun”, Natal boasts 300 cloudless days a year and an average temperature of 28 degrees in summer and 24 degrees in winter. The historic old town of Ribeira is also worth a visit, as is the old fortress “Forte dos Reis Magos”, which is the symbol of the city. Because construction began on Epiphany 1598, it is called the “Fortress of the Wise Men.” White beaches like those in Ponta Negra, desert landscapes, lagoons and small lakes around Natal invite you to take buggy rides, swim and snorkel.

Day 98 – Fortaleza, Brazil

Berthing time: 12:00 Departure time: 20:00
Brazil’s fifth largest city has something to offer for everyone – in addition to wonderful, kilometre-long sandy beaches, culture enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth: with walks in the city centre past historic buildings and impressive buildings such as the Catedral Metropolitana de Fortaleza.

Day 99-102 – At Sea

Crossing the Equator

Day 103 – Praia, Ilha de Santiago, Cape Verde

Berthing time: 10:00 Departure time: 20:00
European and African influences merge in the capital Praia on Santiago. Here you understand what “creole” means, in the markets you can feel the African influence of the mainland. In the Mercado Municipal your palate will get its money’s worth: fresh papayas, mangoes, guavas, sweet potatoes and many other exotic fruits await you on the Cape Verde island of Santiago.

Day 104-105 – Mindelo, Cape Verde

Berthing time: 10:00 – Departure time: 22:00
Stroll through the picturesque harbour town of Mindelo and visit small shops, the quaint fish market, charming cafés and unique museums. The magnificent Praça Nova district with its pastel-coloured stucco villas and the beautiful city park invite you to relax in Cape Verde.

Day 106-108 – At Sea

A chance to enjoy everything that Vasco da Gama has to offer.


Day 109 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Berthing time: 08:00
Santa Cruz de Tenerife enchants with picturesque Art Nouveau architecture, colourful carnival events and the outstanding architecture of the Auditorio de Tenerife “Adán Martín”. You can also explore the breathtaking national park around Spain’s highest mountain, the Teide, as well as the magical town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna!
Disembarkation by 09:00

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