At a time of uncertainty for many avid travellers in the UK, we look at five very compelling reasons why a river cruise in Europe may just be the best choice of holiday as the world looks to ease out of lock-down measures and global travel restrictions. And as the first river cruise line back in operation earlier this summer, we think it’s the perfect time to book that river cruise, but don’t just take our word for it…


1). The UK Government says it’s OK

The Foreign Office currently advises against cruise ship travel to UK travelers, meaning that you would not be able to get travel insurance and would be taking a personal risk in going. However, the advice was recently updated to specify that cruise ship travel referred to “sea-going” ships, meaning the green light was effectively given for river cruising in Europe. This has naturally been very welcome news for the team at Nicko Cruises, being the first river cruise line back in operation earlier this summer. You can read an interview with one of our first returning passengers on the World of Cruising website here: Nicko Cruises: An Interview With One Of The First Passengers Back On Board Post-Lockdown

2). You don’t need to fly

For some travellers, the thought of flying at this time is daunting. However, Nicko offers a range of options to join our river cruises in Europe by rail without the need to step foot in an airport. No fly cruising was a popular option for many before travel restrictions were imposed but it now offers a fantastic opportunity for river cruising if you really are keen to avoid flying. Our No fly river cruises and packages are listed on our cruise page.


3). Regarded as Low Risk Travel

One of the reasons the FCO relaxed it’s advice on river cruising is that they are generally seen as being low risk in travel terms. River cruises often have shorter itineraries (the majority of cruises Nicko offer are around 7-nights in duration). They also tend to operate within just one or two countries per cruise and also have far fewer passengers on board than a traditional ocean ship. Another reason river cruising is seen as lower risk is that the ships always remain very close to land, should any problems arise. In fact you are guaranteed to have a glorious land view on everyday of your river cruise.

Land is never far away on a European River Cruise


4). Health & Hygiene

River & ocean cruising have always had meticulous hygienic standards and protocols onboard. However, with Covid-19, these processes are now even more rigorous and effective. These include temperature checks at embarkations, ships operating at 70-80% of normal guest capacity, antibody testing and many more precautions.


5). It’s AMAZING!

The most important point last. River Cruising in Europe on beautiful modern ships is simply breath-taking. Not only are our cruises amazingly inclusive, but the experience of traversing the great waterways of Europe by river ship is second to none. Whether you’re cruising the Rhine, Moselle, Danube or the Douro, there is simply so much rich culture and scenery to savour and discover. And with Nicko, our ships are really special, each designed just for river cruises, making any cruise with us a comfortable and thrilling way to discover some of the most interesting places and stunning countryside in the world.

A new horizon each day from a home away from home that always travels with you, meaning there’s no unnecessary packing and repacking of your suitcase. Nicko Cruises is proud to offer the very best in all-inclusive European River Cruises at the very best value as standard! What’s not to love?

Nicko Cruises is back in operation and open to guests from the UK who are now permitted to cruise on Europe’s rivers once again. 



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