Atlantic Islands 

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In Atlantic waters, the African coast has so much to discover. In Morocco, friendly people, exotic markets and beautiful architecture are waiting to welcome you.

Moroccan Magic

Casablanca was founded by the Imazighen people in the 8th-century and is dominated by the great Hassan II Mosque. Its main minaret is over two-hundred metres high, making it the tallest of its kind in the Islamic world.

The capital Rabat is the only Moroccan royal city by the sea. Here, the white and blue whitewashed houses gleam brightly in the sunshine and the traditional changing of the guard happens each day at the imposing Royal Palace.

Marrakesh is filled with decorative mosques, labyrinthine lanes, exotic palaces, secret gardens and bustling souks. Agadir has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and you won’t want to miss the idyllic harbour city of Essaouira, where the picturesque houses, eccentric archways and twisting pathways of its UNESCO World Heritage Medina are truly magical.

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